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Die Übertragbarkeit des EuGH-Urteils 'Wirtschaftsakademie' auf komplexe Mehr-Akteur-Konstellationen in digitalen Serviceangeboten

"Die Übertragbarkeit des EuGH-Urteils 'Wirtschaftsakademie' auf komplexe Mehr-Akteur-Konstellationen in digitalen Serviceangeboten [The Transferability of the ECJ Judgment 'Business Academy' to Complex Multi-Actor Constellations in Digital Service Offers]", presentation by F. Wittner at the conference "Verantwortung in digitalen Kulturen – Privatheit im Geflecht von Medien, Recht und Gesellschaft [Responsibility in Digital Cultures - Privacy in the Network of Media, Law and Society]" of the DFG Research Training Group 1681/2 "Privatheit und Digitalisierung" [Privacy and Digitalization] on 10 May 2019 in Passau.

Current debates such as the Network Enforcement Act of the EU or the social responsibility of big Internet companies like Facebook show that questions about the legal, political, ethical, social or even economic responsibility for the consequences of the digital upheavals to which societies, collectives and individuals are exposed have not yet been clarified. The conference focuses on the need for legal, educational, economic or other control of the increasing, often irreversible influence of technical and digital developments on people and society.


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